Services offered:

• Physiotherapy
• Orthopaedic Manual Therapy
• Sport Specific Rehabilitation
• Acupuncture
• Exercise Programs
• Vestibular Rehabilitation/ Post -Concussion Personal Training
• Work Hardening Programs (WS&IB)
• In Services at Your Company on Various Topics


Work Hardening Programs

Our facility is equipped to develop and monitor Work Hardening Programs.The programs are created based on the physical demands of the given job.In the program we incorporate 3 mini FCE's to objectively compared results from the beginning, middle and end of the program. The average program is 8 weeks long, beginning at 2 hours per day and graduating to 8 hours per day.

Please Call to inquire about the cost and if you have any further questions regarding or Work Hardening Programs.

Functional Capability Evaluation (FCE)

A functional capability evaluation is testing procedure to determine an individual's physical abilities to perform certain tasks. The test is designed such that it increases the workloads on the body to encourage the individual to exert a maximum effort. The test is regulated by monitoring the clients performance heart rate and rate of perceived exertion. There is a variety of tests for the upper and lower extremities to determine the individual's level of ability compared to the normative data and the client's job demands

Fitness Assessments

With a certified personal trainer on staff, we are able to offer overall fitness assessments. This test assesses an individuals cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, and overall flexibility. There are a variety of test protocols that are used to compare the individual's results with normative data.Following the assessment, we create an exercise program that focuses on the client's areas of weakness as well as incorporates the client's personal goals. In completing these assessments we are able to objectively compare client's beginning and end results in the above areas

Pre-Placement Medical Evaluations

Our facility is equipped to perform Pre Placement evaluations. The purpose of these evaluations is to determine a prospective employees overall level of fitness and uncover any pre-existing conditions.
These evaluations consist of:
   • Cardiorespiratory Test
   • Strength Test
   • Flexibility Tests
   • Biomechanical Screen
   • Postural Scan
If your company is interested in these evaluations feel free to call for more details.

Information Sessions

One of our staff members will come to your location to provide educational material on various subjects ( safe lifting, proper body mechanics, stretching programs).
Please Call to inquire about the cost and if you have any further questions regarding having an individualized/ work specific education seminar at your facility.


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